Internationalization Olympic and Japan are the highest at two money silver two bygones.

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Internationalization Olympic and Japan are the highest at two money silver two bygones.

The result of the 42th internationalization study Olympics (chemical Olympics Japanese committee sponsoring) intended for high school students in all parts of the world was announced in the Okuma commemoration hall of Waseda University (Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo) on the 27th.
Four people participated from Japan, and Saito (squally)(Kyoto Prefecture) in Kenichi Endo (Kanagawa Prefecture) in a private Eikoh educational institution the third grade of high-school and a private open sea the second grade of high-school shone to the silver medal intended for about ..the other two person.. 20%, and became the highest result in the past the gold medal intended for the result epistatic about 10%.

267 people are participation from 68countries and the region.
A meeting was opened on the 20th this month, and an integrated result of the experiment and the written examination competed.
Mr. Koki of Uratani (Shiga Prefecture) in Shiga prefectural table () place () the second grade of high-school and Tsukuba University attachment Komaba's the third grade of high-school Mr. Kengo Kataoka (Tokyo) won the silver medal.

Mr./Ms. Endo of the gold medal : following last year 2 years in a row.
It was comical, and Mr./Ms. Saito also showed the smile , saying that "Two were called Aruka et al." request of the content of radioactivity of money, and valuing.. , saying that "It was very significant ..the representative and it was possible to do the alternating current about other countries..".
Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner's Ryoji Noyori and president of Institute of Physical and Chemical Research : in the length of this member of a commission. 「Four students held out very much. I want ..good fight.. to fill. 」It praised it.
Japan is good country!
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