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It succeeds in the lithium endofullerene analysis and the quantity synthesis of a high conduction.

Research groups such as the ideal star of the research and development venture (Sendaishi) and Touhoku University succeeded in the quantity synthesis etc. of "Lithium endofullerene" that put one lithium atom on the molecular inside that was called "Fullerene" made of 60 carbon atoms.
The verification lingua with the electrical characteristic the structure is also analyzed. In the both first yield in the world, the application in the industrial field like the organic electronics etc. is expected. Study results were announced the British science dated the 20th magazine nature chemically (electronic version).

The research group puts the lithium in the state of the plus ion in the fullerene by using the plasma space where the atom divides into the plus ion and the electron and is a synthesis lingua. The energy of the lithium ion was controlled, and the quantity synthesis was achieved.

The lithium endofullerene was bonded with the chloride and the structure was analyzed with the X-ray of high intensity on the crystallization lingua. As a result, some lithiums turn out from the fullerene core on the outside. In addition, the movement of the electron is affirmed by the action of the chloride, and it has been understood that it has the electrical characteristic of pathognomonic.

The amount of a possible synthesis went up to 100 conventional tens of milligrams an hour, Manbai, and reached at the level that was able to be actually used as an industrial material by the developed method.

The ideal star established the technology to the quantity synthesis based on study results of Touhoku University. Real professor Hiroshi Tobita (mineralization study) in the Touhoku University graduate school science research course et al. took charge of the separation and refinement and crystallization, and the swamp Expo professors of the Nagoya University graduate school engineering study department (structure) analyzed the clarification of the structure in the photon factory.

The lithium endofullerene is expected that there will be a high electroconductive and characteristic of the speed in the rate of reaction etc. to light, and when the application of the n type semiconductor that becomes the material of the organic solar cell, the ultra high density memory, the organic transistor, and the nanosize to the switch etc. can be expected, is Iu.

The ideal star has the developments such as stringy solar cells and sensors done in earnest besides the lithium endofullerene will be provided for a domestic and foreign institution in the future. President Yasuhiko of Kasama speaks, "Cooperation has already been percussed from foreign countries, and it is accelerated make to the business".

Mr. Shigekazu of Takashima of Mitsubishi Corp. global environment business development division Nanotectemuredar that advances making of the fullerene an industry「It is epoch-making that the venture business completed the raw material of a super-leading edge with a difficult development by the industry-university-government cooperation as for the large company. It is expected for the research to extend to the world, and to develop into the materials revolution. 」It specifies it.

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National environment laboratory of chemical pollution that examines it with register mark and collection calling

The register mark is captured in nationwide various places, and the extension of contamination with the chemical substance is examined.
National Institute for Environmental Studies is planning "Register mark investigation". It is Iu to ask the civilian for cooperation in the collection through the homepage etc. besides the environmental study institution in 28 places participates from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and to analyze a lot of register marks.

It is Yasuyuki Shibata it, chemical environment research area length of National Institute for Environmental Studies, and team of Yoshikane Hicariyou Posdocferor that plans. The examined chemical substance is organic fluorine compound "PFOS" not decomposed easily.

As for PFOS, clothes etc. have been used for the raw material of the fire extinguishant of the surface finishing that sheds water and the foam. However, it has been decided to make it to control subjects in the Conference of the Parties of the Stockholm treaty concerning Persistent Organic Pollutants that are specified the hazardousness such as causing the liver injury in recent years by the animal study, and were opened in May, 2009.

The research team is accumulated this material by the Tenodera angustipennis, the register mark, and the spider and pays attention to Yasui. It has been understood to be able to grip an average pollution status about the range with all sides of the number of one-kilo if the discussed consequence and the maturing register mark are chosen and analyzed.

As for the analysis object, it is scheduled to narrow it to five-kind level such as Orthetrum albistylum speciosum and Sympetrum infuscatum. It is necessary to collect several a point-10. Shibata area length「It investigates in October in August. I want to ascertain the country though it doesn't know what place is especially contaminated. 」It speaks. 

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To verification mouse's sperm building in mammal's pregnancy and space

The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research accrual and the regeneration science integrated study center of the experiment that carries mouse's sperm to space to search for the pregnancy in mammal's space and the possibility of birth, is fertilized after the earth returns, and examines the influence of the radiation and gravity The research team such as (Kobeshi Chuoku) is planning. It becomes the first case where the mammal is born from the germ cell put on space in the world if aiming at the achievement in about fiscal year 2012, and succeeding.
(Kanai Tsuneyuki)

The experiment that examines the influence that the space environment gives to mammal's breeding and accrual is a little.
The former Soviet Union was not able to launch Rattus norvegicus var. albinus's victory or defeat with the rocket in 1979, to give birth to several, and to give birth to the pregnancy lingua.

Team leader Teruhiko Wakayama (43) at the same center et al. artificially made the space with little gravity last August, worked on the experiment that outside of the body fertilized the mouse in that, were inferior the growth of "Early embryo" in which the oosperm had started fission compared with usually, and announced the consequence that the birth rate decreases to the half.

To try in actual in addition space, the experiment that carries the sperm to coming" ..Japanese building ".. is planned about the International Space Station. It is discussed to preserve for a long term separately for what covered with the material that doesn't pass the radiation easily and the one not so on the freeze-dried (vacuum freeze dry) processing lingua, and to compare the sperms.

It was elected to the experiment candidate (19 themes in total) whom Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency transported by uninhabited fueling plane "HTV" of Japan and Soyuz spaceship of Russia in March this year.
The person in charge「The idea is novel, and a lot of equipment is not needed. The feasibility is very high. 」It makes it. 

Leader Wakayama speaks, "If the experiment on the sperm succeeds, I want to achieve it the breeding of the mouse where it lives in space".

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Highlights: Chemistry: New method of amide synthesis

The amide bonding is, and, here and there, exists as a main chain of native peptide and the protein also in the small molecule for a lot of treatments.
The dewatering method is chiefly used, and the carbon keeps the electrophile in the plastic of carbon-nitrogenous bond and nitrogen keeps the nucleophilic property to a conventional synthesis method of the amide bonding in the laboratory.

Shen reverse the polarity of the reactant through the activation of the amine and the nitroalkane with the iodonium (It is known as a polarity conversion), and are reporting on a new method of the amide synthesis this time.
In this method, obtaining Noshi of a facility and a variety of departure compounds and it is in doing etc. because there are some benefits superior to a present method the possibility of developing as a highly effective and enantioselection synthetic tools of peptide and the amide content small molecule.

Umpolung reactivity in amide and peptide synthesis
Nature 465, 1027-1032 (24 June 2010) | doi:10.1038/nature09125

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"Experience" society investigation of multidrug resistance Pseudomonas aeruginosa and nosocomial infection 30 percent

It has been understood the antibiotic doesn't work easily, and an infected "Nosocomial infection" with multidrug resistance Pseudomonas aeruginosa (MDRP) that causes various complications of the inpatient is generated by about 30 percent of the medical institution in the whole country from examining the Japan Society of Chemotherapy. This academic society requests the thoroughness in disinfection and is appealing, "Approval of the early stage of a new antibiotic is necessary".

The questionnaire survey lingua in 2009 year-end for 723 nationwide hospitals where this academic society member's doctor works.
As a result, 30.3% of the whole experienced the nosocomial infection of MDRP.
When the medical institution that answered, "Morbus had not been caused though the bacterium was detected" also included it, it reached 66.4% of the whole.
Nosocomial infection..extremely..a lot of..meconium..road..infectious disease..pulmonitis..whole body..infection..extend..septicemia..continue.
Most antibiotics from which MDRP has been approved domestically now do not work.
The bacterium in inpatient's inside of the body etc. doesn't die putting the resistance power while repeatedly using an existing antibiotic, and the infection has extended as a consequence in congressional.

Prof. Yoshihito of Niki of implementation lingua Showa University (medical practice infectious disease study) : the investigation. 「The accrual of the resistant bacteria in the hospital is not avoided to some degree. The approval etc. of the new medicine with the effect are needed in measures against nosocomial infection and the resistant bacteria. 」It speaks. 
The state of the approval waiting in Japan though the new medicine of the approved exists in America and Europe.;da=96958A88889DE2E0E3EAEAE7E6E2E0E3E3E0E0E2E2EBE2E2E2E2E2E2

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The insulin-secreting cell increases and the sugar blood level increased is suppressed though the effect of the insulin that lowers the level of sugar in the blood decreases along with the pregnancy.
When this cell proliferation clarified dependence on the action of chemical substance "Serotonin" by the mouse experiment, the team in Japan-U.S. such as Hirosaki University announced the professor of Yutaka Watada Takashi Juntendo University to the U.S. medicine dated the 27th magazine nature medicine electronic version.

If the number of cells doesn't increase enough, it is likely to get a pregnancy diabetes etc.
The serotonin is in living creatures' inside of the bodies, and the movement of the digestive tract and the action on the mental activity are known.

The Watada professor「There is a possibility of becoming the method of treatment of the pregnancy diabetes by making working of the serotonin promoted.
(Occur due to the secretion decrease in the insulin and obesity, etc.)It is likely to lead to the treatment of the Type II diabetes mellitus. 」It speaks. 

Watada professors found the gene that related to the serotonin synthesis enzyme working well by the beta cell of pancreas that secreted the insulin in the mouse of the gravid period.

The experiment that administers the serotonin to the cultured beta cell and the beta cell is a breeding.
Moreover, the number of beta cells did not increase if the medicine that suppressed working of the serotonin to the mouse of the gravid period was administered and the blood glucose went up.

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The new element addition and the tentative name of atomic number 114 are Un'uncageum "(Ununq etc.

It was almost ..Katashi visual.. clarified that the 114th element of an atomic number was added to the periodic table soon according to telling of the science magazine 【 new scientist (NewScientist) ] of Britain. In the tentative name, "Ununquadium (meaning of the 114th element in Un'uncageum and Latin)" and symbol for element are "Unq".

The state that was not able to be double-checked (reconfirmation) continued though Moto Imamoto was affirmed by 【 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research ] that already existed in Dubna of Russia in 1999.
However, 【 Lawrence Berkeley National Research Institute ] of United States California succeeds in September, 2009 and 【 heavy ion research place ] of Germany succeeds in the double check in June, 2010.
Existence in being possible the confirmation to do calositas in plural institutions
【 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC,InternationalUnionofPureandAppliedChemistry) ] that is chemist's international academic institute moves aiming at the addition to approval and the periodic table of the 114th element of the matter now, and is told that the conclusion will come out soon in the new scientist.

The group who has made the double check is an implementation as for the method of making plutonium with proton number 94 collide with calcium with proton number 20 in the first similar Joint Institute for Nuclear Research by accelerating agent.
Lawrence Berkeley National Research Institute is two horn114th confirmation as for the element.
The confirmation lingua of the long dozen (Decay and one remainder ../.. existed for 3.6 seconds in a lighter atom at one second) in the heavy ion research place.

If the report doesn't have the problem in the under discussion whether to add the 114th elements to the periodic table in the committee of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry based on the consequence report of present these, "Report at once (Mr. PaulKarol of Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania in which it serves as the speaker of this committee). "

However, there are a lot of uncertain parts of chemical property of Moto Imamoto.
Is it a metal system or a rare gas system that a former article has enumerated it as the one?
The thing becomes important because it controls the place installed on the periodic table.
However, it succeeds in the efficient production of the 114th elements in the heavy ion research place, and it is assumed that the verification that judges rare gas system Kao whether the metal system will be able to be facilitated, too.

Element Copelnishium (copernicium) of the 112nd atomic number is formally announced in February this year, and it becomes the second addition to the periodic table this year if the 114th elements are announced of this time.
Moreover, will it substitute from the tentative name "Ununquadium (Un'uncageum)" in that case, and a formal name be announced.

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Pet name "Kei" of the next generation super computer and 12 planned completion dates of year
The pet name of (super computer ....) has been decided to "Kei ".

Institute of Physical and Chemical Research that advanced development announced for the fifth.
"Kei" was connected to being able to show one Manbai of one trillion, and handling of the next generation super computer the calculation 10 quadrillion times a second.

The next generation super computer is a planned completion date of 2012.
The pet name offering from general, there were 1927 subscriptions, and the selection committee who made it from specialists narrowed it.
It is seven people that proposed "Kei". A lot of proposed names are Iu if it doesn't make it public.

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It succeeds in the observation that distinguishes the shape of the molecular orbital of the solution for the first time in the world.
-Direct observation ..molecule of the solution..-.  use the polarization property of the soft X-ray of radiation light

The molecule is composed of electrons in the nucleus and the surroundings. Therefore, the character of the molecule changes greatly by the state of the electron of the intramolecular, and a lot of researches intended for the state of the electron have been done in the solid molecule and the gaseous molecule.
However, the research that observed the state of the electron like the solid molecule and the gaseous molecule, etc. was hardly done in the molecule of the liquid and the solution. To observe the electron directly, the method measured in the vacuum does it almost because it cannot do the plutonium separation of those signals by the solution sample where the evaporation of the liquid sample in the vacuum, and plural molecules exist together. The liquid and the molecule of the solution think that the research of the state of the electron is important, develop the dedicated provision that uses the soft X-ray luminescence spectroscopy that can observe the state of the electron of the intramolecular directly in advance of the world, and have developed the liquid under the atmospheric pressure and the research of the molecular electronic state in the solution sample with the Science Institute excitation order research team positively.

This time, the research group succeeded in the clear distinction of the shape of the molecular orbital to which the electron of the intramolecular was distributed by the observation using the polarization property of the character as the electromagnetic radiation of the soft X-ray. As for the molecule on a liquid inside, it has been understood that the shape of all molecular orbitals is not disarranged even if flowing always at random as a result.

It is thought that it will contribute to a fundamental science research such as the biomolecule in solution, the interaction of the ion or chemical reactions of the solution by having obtained the means to observe the molecular electronic state and the interaction in the liquid and the solution directly in the future.
Moreover, the deployment to application study of research of the interaction of the metallic ion such as chelating resins used for analysis and the rare metal recovery technique of the metal and the molecular recognition resins and molecules can be expected.

This study results precede publishing in science magazine 'Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics' of Britain, and are published in the online edition (21 June: June 22 in Japan standard time) as Advance Articles.

Institute of Physical and Chemical Research press release

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Internationalization Olympic and Japan are the highest at two money silver two bygones.

The result of the 42th internationalization study Olympics (chemical Olympics Japanese committee sponsoring) intended for high school students in all parts of the world was announced in the Okuma commemoration hall of Waseda University (Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo) on the 27th.
Four people participated from Japan, and Saito (squally)(Kyoto Prefecture) in Kenichi Endo (Kanagawa Prefecture) in a private Eikoh educational institution the third grade of high-school and a private open sea the second grade of high-school shone to the silver medal intended for about ..the other two person.. 20%, and became the highest result in the past the gold medal intended for the result epistatic about 10%.

267 people are participation from 68countries and the region.
A meeting was opened on the 20th this month, and an integrated result of the experiment and the written examination competed.
Mr. Koki of Uratani (Shiga Prefecture) in Shiga prefectural table () place () the second grade of high-school and Tsukuba University attachment Komaba's the third grade of high-school Mr. Kengo Kataoka (Tokyo) won the silver medal.

Mr./Ms. Endo of the gold medal : following last year 2 years in a row.
It was comical, and Mr./Ms. Saito also showed the smile , saying that "Two were called Aruka et al." request of the content of radioactivity of money, and valuing.. , saying that "It was very significant ..the representative and it was possible to do the alternating current about other countries..".
Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner's Ryoji Noyori and president of Institute of Physical and Chemical Research : in the length of this member of a commission. 「Four students held out very much. I want ..good fight.. to fill. 」It praised it.
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