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Pumping Iron

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Pumping Iron "Superman" seems to splash and to be returned to this. When the material of extraordinary strength appears when the fixed star of the large mass causes the supernova explosion on longevity, and the shrinkage lingua core (core) remains by the gravitational collapse, it is Iu according to the latest research. A remaining core becomes a heavenly body that is called "Neutron star". It turned out that the outer shell of the neutron star had strength of the the greatest in the material to which existence was affirmed in space by the latest computer model.

To judge the ultimate strength of the outer shell of the neutron star (fracture point), the research team assumed a small region on the surface, and constructed the model concerning the outer shell distortion because of the magnetic field stress (power to cause in the magnetic field) and it.
It has been understood that the consequence of the verification and strength of the outer shell are 10 billion the greatest times the rupture strength of steel (severed pressure).
Charles Horovitts of Indiana University that exists in the United States in the member of the team speaks, "Exactly overwhelming numerical value though expected to some degree".

The neutron star is a dense heavenly body on the second eyes in space after the black hole. The material of the neutron star
It becomes the weight of about 100 million tons by the amount of about one tea spoon in the on earth. A usual star is super-height of the difference in the outer shell of the solid.

When it is likely to break by the stress by the strong magnetic field in whom the neutron star is own, it is still Iu though the outer shell is It's hard to believe strong. The research team thinks whether to cause the phenomenon that is called, the break of such an outer shell is "Mug material flare". The star in the neutron star mug material (magnetar) where the magnetic field is especially strong, and the gamma-ray burst of huge energy (mug material flare) might be generated.

Moreover, there were fresh discoveries in this computer model about the upsurge part like "Mountain" that lined up irregularly on the surface of the neutron star. The variation on such a surface is thought to be a cause of the gravity wave generation.

The gravity wave is made to the space-time structure internal undulation that spreads from the rotation heavenly body of the large mass by speed of light, and thought not to cause it completely in the symmetric ball movement. When having calculated it with the late model, it was understood that the mountain made the surface of the neutron star was the one like "Horripilation" of the star rather than a huge top. Horovitts speaks, "There is only about one-centimeter height though such a mountain might reach the width number kilo meter".

The latest of this time research is published in the "Physical Review Letters" magazine of the issue this week.
< organic EL: Expanding and contracting display and The University of Tokyo, etc. make it >

University of Tokyo and Dai Nippon Printing, etc. made the display that expanded and contracted rubbery by using the organic EL (electroluminescence) paid attention to as a material of the thin-screen TV of the next generation.
When it is possible to project the change in facial expression on a solid display of the face form or to make the best use of for a usage variegated as the weather information is displayed with a globular provision like the globe, it is Iu.
It is announced in "Nature Materials" electronic version of the British science magazine dated the 11th.

Organic EL is organic compound that emits light when the voltage is applied.
It is commercialized by the television because power consumption is a little, and it is thinner than the liquid crystal and the plasma.

The research team succeeds in the development of the organic EL material with high degree of shrinkage and specific conductance in an original manufacturing method with which carbon fiber and fluororubber of the extra fine that is called a single-layer carbon nanotube are mixed by the jet.
This material and the trial manufacture lingua of a monochrome display of 10 centimeters for each and 256 pixels in length and breadth.
It is Iu if the quality is not inferior even if the ratioing is repeated 1000 times. One pixel are five Miri corner, and will advance the miniaturization of the pixel and the research of the colour in the future now.

Takao Someya and the professor of University of Tokyo (electronic engineering)「The display that was the planar can be done even in the moving part on the sphere conventionally. The variety of uses extends as the medical diagnosis data is displayed with the provision of the human body type. 」It describes.  【 Daisuke Yamada ]


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The accelerator facility of the neutrino yield in first confirmation Tokaimura.

High Energy Accelerator Research Organization etc. were invented the particle neutrino for the first time in Engineering Test Accelerator facilities (J-PARC) at the height in the world level in Ibaraki Prefecture Tokaimura on the 23rd and announced the confirmation lingua the calositas. The generated muon was judged to be detection and the first confirmation from the test run simultaneously with the neutrino. The tune-up operation is continued, and after December, a real experiment is started.

The neutrino is an important particle for the clarification of the space creation. The observation and the research are difficult because most materials pass and it comes off.

The accelerating proton is thrown at the nucleus in J-PARC, the beam of the neutrino is caused, and it drives it to the observer superkamiokande of Gifu Prefecture Hida City away by about 300 kilo.
It catches by superkamiokande with the observation results, and the change in the character from generation to the arrival is examined.

carbon nanotube

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Might it take the place of the liquid metal (pseudomulti alloy) generated publicity with the preceding crop, and the invention of Mr. Ray Baughman's laboratory appear in a next work of 'Terminator'.
It is "Muscle of the next generation" that can be done in the carbon nanotube.

Mr. Baughman's team succeeded in the production of the material that was stronger than steel, lighter like air, more flexible than rubber that was able to be called the muscle of the 21st century exactly.
..robot.. in addition, if you use this ..the super-strong ..the artificial limb and "It is smart" coating film.. ..the shape change.. ..the structure....――In the future very near――A highly effective solar cell etc. might be able to be made.

Mr. Baughman who serves as the accountable person in the University of Texas at Dallas nanotech laboratory speaks, "About 30 times power for each unit area can be exerted compared with the living body muscle".

After the research of the carbon nanotube starts at the beginning of the 1990's, the molecule of the cylindrical with extremely high strength has continued to enchant the material scientists by this ultra-lightweight. The carbon nanotube is still used for the material such as the ropes with the possibility to be used for the cable of the experimental model of parts of the bicycle and aircraft, the flak suits, transistors, and the space elevators of the future (Japanese version article) already, too though the development of a commercial usage is late because mass production is difficult.

It uses that Mr. Baughman was interested in the carbon nanotube the electroconductive polymer.
It is time when tried to make the artificial muscle. This Mr. noticed the one that the carbon nanotube tied from the polymer go well use. Then, first of all, the nanotube fiber intertwined disorder was moved by using a charged liquid.
Next, it experimented by the array that there is a consistency in the composition or more, and, in addition, the charge was given by the method besides last time.

The artificial muscle material that Mr. Baughman this time developed is the one announced with the thesis published in the title on March 20 of the 'Science' magazine (United States time). It orients vertically, and it consists of the bunch of the nanotube that reacts directly to electricity.
It longitudinally extends, it shrinks by a highspeed extremely, and there is a possibility that this muscular material to which strength extremely is exerted can be applied to various usages as long as the engineer may imagine it in horizontal direction.

Material scientist John Madden of British Columbia University is describing in the accompanying commentary, "It is near this feeling that aeolotropic at the unprecedented level (physical property that depends on the direction) still shows the character like the diamond in the a certain direction and shows a rubbery character in another direction perhaps".

The carbon nanotube fiber repulses and attracts Mr. Baughman's artificial muscle by the array in using the trend of the charge each other.
When it is 10% of the the greatest a second, the living body muscle contraction rate is Iu according to Mr. Baughman.
The nanotube material that this Mr. developed boasts of the shrinkage factor of 40,000% a second compared with this.
It is far more efficient than what designed before that because it reacts from the ionic migration in the electrolyte to the current.

Moreover, this nanotube material keeps the character under a wide temperature in the centigrade from a minus centigrade 196 degrees to 1538 degrees that are the melting points of iron that are the boiling points of liquid nitrogen.
Mr. Baughman described the first usage of this material that the possibility of becoming the protection material of the solar cell was high.
It is because shape is quickly changed to make conducting electricity of the nanotube, and the most suitable array for the exposure.

using the magnesium

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The perpetuation type energy society where oil, coal, and the natural gas are unnecessary is achieved by using the magnesium almost contained in no Mama in sunshine and the sea. Institute of Technology..professor..venture company..furthermore..oil money..all over the world..inquire..visit..pour.
,, and.  advance as the demonstration is also favorable

【It is clean and no Mama ]
If water is sprinkled on the magnesium of the high temperature, hydrogen is generated.
In addition, this hydrogen burns explosively and it becomes water again when making it to the high temperature.
It becomes the fuel of the fuel cell, and if hydrogen is used, it is possible to operate an electric generator, and if the bristance is used, to use it for the engine of the car.
Neither carbon dioxide nor the nitrogen oxide are put out, and in this system, it is clean, and sunshine, water, and the magnesium no Mama.
The Yabe professor「There is a magnesium of 1.8 quadrillion tons in seawater. It becomes 30 Mannen amount if it converts it into oil. 」It says.  
>> It continues to two.

【 dream recycling system ]
The magnesium and the energy-oriented society that the Yabe professor advocates are such images.
Desalination and magnesium refinement plant constructed in shore. A large-scale plastic lens queues up in the roof toward the sun, and a high temperature necessary for the refinement is produced.
The magnesium metal is taken out of a large amount of "Bittern" contained in seawater while agricultural water is produced with seawater here.

Produced magnesiums are carried to the power station, the home, and the convenience store, etc. in various places by track and ship.
In the power station, the magnesium is burnt instead of coal. The magnesium carried to the home becomes a domestic power supply as a fuel of the fuel cell. The exhaust heat of the fuel cell is used for the bath and heating.
It is an encompassed magnesium in the vacuum pack that is sold in the convenience store.
This is a fuel cell car, a personal computer, and a magnesium for the battery supplement such as cellular phones.

The magnesium is not disposable. The magnesium oxide after it uses it is converted into the magnesium metal again by the same "Sunshine pump laser" to be collected to Recycle Center by the recovery vehicle, and exist in the refinement plant.

【 sunshine laser ]
The refinement of the magnesium does the alloy of iron and silicon and the large quantity of energy is done to infusion Shite by the catalyser now.
The coal ten tons are used to manufacture the magnesium one ton. Neither the magnesium nor the energy-oriented society are approved mass consumption so Shite energy.
The Yabe professor's proposing it converts sunshine collected with a large-scale lens into the infrared laser with the yttrium, aluminum, and the ceramic of nedymium and the chromium, and, in addition, achieves the high temperature of about 20,000 degrees in concentration Shite with the lens. Let's refine the magnesium with this high temperature.

Therefore, the Yabe professor built the laboratory of the sunshine pump laser in Hokkaido Chitoseshi two years ago.
A ceramic laser element was put on the concentration and the focus with the transparent plastic lens with all sides of two meters. To actually refine the magnesium, large-scale facilities are scheduled to be constructed Okinawa Prefecture and Miyakojima of this year the Yabe professor who ..yield here.. gained self-confidence.

【 safe fuel cell ]
The development of the fuel cell car that uses hydrogen all over the world is advanced now.
There is a large problem to be light, to leak easily, to explode, and very to carry the Yasui hydrogen besides the problem of the cost. Even if it stuffs the high pressure cylinder of 700 atmospheric pressures, the gas cylinder is too heavy.
On the other hand, it doesn't ignite in 650 degrees or less, and long preservation is also easy in case of the magnesium.
「You may think the magnesium to be the same solid fuel as coal. The magnesium fuel cell has the power output for each weight about 7.5 times a lithium-ion battery today. It runs about 1,800 kilo by one charge if the magnesium of the vacuum pack is bought in the convenience store, and it inserts it in the battery. 」The Yabe professor is Iu.  solve

【Prove by the experiment ]
If the magnesium and the energy-oriented society achieve, the thermal power plant, N-plant nuclear power plant, and the nuclear fusion reactor are unnecessary. The service station and the tanker carrying oil are unnecessary.
When you ask the Yabe professor the feasibility「This 100 percent is achieved. Everything is not anything there is proof of the experiment, and failing. 」The language of be full of confidence returned.

space satellite

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Patiri .."Two-shot <"MAIDO of 1 titles and the earth will not.. ..retreat.... >

Launched space satellite "1 titles being not going.. ..the retreat.." opened it to the public in January this year, and it succeeded in taking a picture of the done satellite, and the Higashiosaka space development cooperative association (Osaka Prefecture Higashiosakashi) opened the 15th to the public to the reservoir of the earth in the camera installed in the satellite.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and the electronic equipment manufacturer "Shikinohaitecc. " and (Mt. Tomisan Prefecture Uozushi) took the photograph with the joint development lingua camera on the 11th this month.
The arm that was called a boom that installed the camera reflected, and only the half of the schedule opened, and only about 2/3 of the satellites reflected according to this union though the perspective of this satellite was scheduled to reflect at first. It is influence Hanai and it is Iu in the observation airplane ability.

The plate where the logo of the enterprise, the group, Osaka University, and University of Osaka Prefecture that is involved in the satellite development was written is reflected in the image.

The satellite launched with H2 A rocket on January 23 does the track of about 670 advanced kilo, and the earth is done about 15 times in a day, and the capture of the basic data for the practical use of the thunder forecast system in the future is done.
Golden Week etc. when number of those who enjoy air travel increases suddenly. The airplane also is one of the safest vehicles when it sees to tell the truth statistically, and has a lot of people of still not good. University of Tokyo and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (spacecraft structure) are researching "Airplane that doesn't shake" that flies reading the movement of "Airplane that doesn't drop" of which failure Shite can also fly normally by making good use of the computer and the wind. It succeeded in such an experiment flight this year though only part.  (Nagaicotowari)

 「The crash of the airplane happens to the take off about one million times by the rate of one time. The figure is not changed for these 20 years. The failure rate of the airplane has fallen enough, and it is difficult to lower any further. 」University of Tokyo..Suzuki..Shinji..Prof...flight dynamics.

The number of crashes just increases in proportion to an increase of the number of service if the probability of the accident lowers and it stops. Is not the crash probability lowered any further?Prof. Suzuki specifies the possibility of the airplane into which "If the failure doesn't tie to a fatal accident, the probability of the crash is sure to be decreased more" and failure Shite do not fall either.

- Calculation instantaneously
The airplane has three horn rudder (rudder) of elevator of the ladder of the aileron of the main wing and the vertical tail and the horizontal tails.
Pilot moves these three horn rudders, and it turns down ..the turn and the advance...

The aerodynamic characteristic of the airframe changes if one of the rudders breaks down and Pilot faces the situation that has not been experienced.
It is difficult also in old-timer Pilot to understand the change in the characteristic at once, and to correspond to it flexibly.

In the passenger plane crash that occurred by U.S. Bafaror in February this year, it is said that it is a cause of the crash that ice sticks in the airframe and the characteristic of the rudder changed.

As for Prof. Suzuki, one rudder developed the Pilot support system to which failure Shite was able also to do the manoeuvering well by two remainder.
An excellent neurocomputer in machine learning is used. The level of the failure is judged when information on the airframe is always collected, and the malfunction is perceived, and it calculates it with the rudder of the remainder ..control very.. instantaneously.

In general, when the aileron breaks down, this support system inclines the airframe to the right though it uses the aileron when turning right by power to cut the ladder, to make the airframe slip sideways to the left, and to cause at that time.

- At the expert level
Prof. Suzuki et al. installed this support system in bimotored turboprop "Mu Palu α" of the spacecraft structure.
When the aileron was stopped with the experimental aircraft that was able to produce various failure state freely and it flew, the peer covered the function that the support system had splendidly lost.

Macrai Kazuya and the length of the flight technique research center unit of the spacecraft structure that takes charge of the test flight describe the materiality of the support system , saying that "It is not likely to be able to control well when actually flying even if the shake of the airframe is suppressed to Pilot by the training of simulation equipment".

It is Prof. Suzuki , saying that "The influence can be minimized though it is not said time without the failure and the same".
「The capability of Pilot is Hanai at the uniform rate of the case of air line though the business jet has increased. If everyone comes to be able to fly at the expert level at the failure」First of all, it aims at practical use by the business jet.

A frightening accident of omitting a part of the wing etc. are imitated at current year. The experiment uses the model machine of 1.5 meters in the total length.

- Air turbulence is an aversion.
A lot of two accidents that the passenger and the crew injure by the shake of the airframe by the current of air have already happened domestically this year, too.

Air turbulence that the cloud is not accompanied might not see with radar, and be rolled unexpectedly.
The spacecraft structure also advances the research that detects the air turbulence that originates the laser beam from the nose of the airplane, and doesn't reflect in radar.
It succeeded in the measurement of the velocity of the wind of about six kilo distance at an altitude of about 1,500 meters or less.

 「The mechanism that can fly easily to come to be able to use the airplane by the training of the training extent of the car and safely is necessary. In becoming the help」With Prof. Suzuki. I want to expect the safety of air travel to rise fast.


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"Peregrine <" is > in "The last service" and the planet collision prediction to use

Asteroid Flyby Mission "Peregrine" of the return schedule will : next June.
It will be used to develop the track prediction system of the planetoid that might collide with the earth.

The reason for the predictive accuracy is that the detail can be checked because it does the earth almost surely in "Direct hit".
Six whole years are received from the launch on the flight of the peregrine aiming at the hometown though it suffers from a lot of troubles, and nine. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency that works on the system development puts the expectation in "Return safely to contribute safely of the earth" and a new role.

There was no analytical equipment of the observation data within the country though the planetoid that seemed to approach the earth was observed in each country. Kitscawashin associate professors of the spacecraft structure start original provision development, and are the trial manufacture linguas at the track of the collision and time in March this year as for the system that figures out the odds.

The system is tested after the model of the planetoid of about three meters in the diameter that came flying to the sky over Africa Soudan last October, and the rushing into time and the position to the atmosphere are predicted by 13 kilo during 0.5 seconds in the error margin.
It paid attention to the peregrine (about five meters in length that expanded the solar panel) that became the object of only "Collision probability 100%" in space if flying favorable to attempt the verification and the improvement of accuracy in the future.

The peregrine was launched to gather and to take the soil of planetoid "Itocawa" home in 2003.
The return is despair seeing temporarily come one after another the failure of the fuel leakage and the attitude controller assembly though it travels two billion kilo and it landed in Itocawa. Afterwards, it flies over the track to recover somehow and to face the earth.
The main body is expected to discharge a heatproof capsule with the possibility with the soil, and to burn in the atmosphere next June.

Associate professor Yoshikawa「Such an utilizing was not originally assumed. It might surely return and be useful though worries because the wound of the airframe due to the trouble is intense to the last minute. 」It speaks.  



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