The new element addition and the tentative name of atomic number 114 are Un'uncageum "(Ununq etc.

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The new element addition and the tentative name of atomic number 114 are Un'uncageum "(Ununq etc.

It was almost ..Katashi visual.. clarified that the 114th element of an atomic number was added to the periodic table soon according to telling of the science magazine 【 new scientist (NewScientist) ] of Britain. In the tentative name, "Ununquadium (meaning of the 114th element in Un'uncageum and Latin)" and symbol for element are "Unq".

The state that was not able to be double-checked (reconfirmation) continued though Moto Imamoto was affirmed by 【 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research ] that already existed in Dubna of Russia in 1999.
However, 【 Lawrence Berkeley National Research Institute ] of United States California succeeds in September, 2009 and 【 heavy ion research place ] of Germany succeeds in the double check in June, 2010.
Existence in being possible the confirmation to do calositas in plural institutions
【 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC,InternationalUnionofPureandAppliedChemistry) ] that is chemist's international academic institute moves aiming at the addition to approval and the periodic table of the 114th element of the matter now, and is told that the conclusion will come out soon in the new scientist.

The group who has made the double check is an implementation as for the method of making plutonium with proton number 94 collide with calcium with proton number 20 in the first similar Joint Institute for Nuclear Research by accelerating agent.
Lawrence Berkeley National Research Institute is two horn114th confirmation as for the element.
The confirmation lingua of the long dozen (Decay and one remainder ../.. existed for 3.6 seconds in a lighter atom at one second) in the heavy ion research place.

If the report doesn't have the problem in the under discussion whether to add the 114th elements to the periodic table in the committee of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry based on the consequence report of present these, "Report at once (Mr. PaulKarol of Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania in which it serves as the speaker of this committee). "

However, there are a lot of uncertain parts of chemical property of Moto Imamoto.
Is it a metal system or a rare gas system that a former article has enumerated it as the one?
The thing becomes important because it controls the place installed on the periodic table.
However, it succeeds in the efficient production of the 114th elements in the heavy ion research place, and it is assumed that the verification that judges rare gas system Kao whether the metal system will be able to be facilitated, too.

Element Copelnishium (copernicium) of the 112nd atomic number is formally announced in February this year, and it becomes the second addition to the periodic table this year if the 114th elements are announced of this time.
Moreover, will it substitute from the tentative name "Ununquadium (Un'uncageum)" in that case, and a formal name be announced.

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