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It is front loaded Shite as for the reentry plan to Venus to which Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) came as "Six years later" for one year, and discussing the rechallenge after five years has understood the fourth of failing probe "Morning twilight" the infusion of Venus to the rotating orbit.
The power output in the strategy that waits to overtake due to the trouble surfaces, and the dropping engine is assumed ..feasible.. plan and has surfaced the slow ..morning twilight.. slowdown, and surfacing of Venus, and.
It is expected that the period cutback will work advantageously in respect of the longevity of the equipment. 【 Daisuke Yamada ]

The morning twilight reversely jetted the engine to the closest approach lingua side in Venus on December 7 last year, slowed down rapidly, fetched about in the gravitation of Venus, and surroundings scheduled it being made turn.
However, the suspension in about two and a half minutes when engines are shorter than plans.
The speed doesn't fall enough, pass Venus, fly the sun now, and the rotating orbits fly faster than Venus.

Venus does JAXA at first and the morning twilight does the sun 11 times ten times while it does.
It was scheduled that it was made to approach most in December, '16 after six years when Venus became "Delay at the orbiting" - January, '17.
However, it turns out that the power output of the engine has fallen into about 60 percent for the investigation afterwards.
Obstacle of fueling by malfunction of valve of piping
There is a possibility of the breakage of the engine nozzle, and complete restoration is a tough going.

If the jet is weak, reentry to need the sudden deceleration at the closest approach becomes difficult.
The speed of the morning twilight was made to slow down little by little, and therefore, JAXA started sunning and started the discussion to make after five years doing overtake Venus eight times.
If time acts rashly, the hazard of the equipment failure by the radiation from the sun is reduced, and the long term monitoring after the infusion of Venus also wears reality.

The JAXA affiliate「Perhaps, it cannot be reentered at first at the speed of the plan. It wants to discuss all the possibilities, and to achieve the observation of Venus. 」It speaks. 


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