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"Peregrine <" is > in "The last service" and the planet collision prediction to use

Asteroid Flyby Mission "Peregrine" of the return schedule will : next June.
It will be used to develop the track prediction system of the planetoid that might collide with the earth.

The reason for the predictive accuracy is that the detail can be checked because it does the earth almost surely in "Direct hit".
Six whole years are received from the launch on the flight of the peregrine aiming at the hometown though it suffers from a lot of troubles, and nine. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency that works on the system development puts the expectation in "Return safely to contribute safely of the earth" and a new role.

There was no analytical equipment of the observation data within the country though the planetoid that seemed to approach the earth was observed in each country. Kitscawashin associate professors of the spacecraft structure start original provision development, and are the trial manufacture linguas at the track of the collision and time in March this year as for the system that figures out the odds.

The system is tested after the model of the planetoid of about three meters in the diameter that came flying to the sky over Africa Soudan last October, and the rushing into time and the position to the atmosphere are predicted by 13 kilo during 0.5 seconds in the error margin.
It paid attention to the peregrine (about five meters in length that expanded the solar panel) that became the object of only "Collision probability 100%" in space if flying favorable to attempt the verification and the improvement of accuracy in the future.

The peregrine was launched to gather and to take the soil of planetoid "Itocawa" home in 2003.
The return is despair seeing temporarily come one after another the failure of the fuel leakage and the attitude controller assembly though it travels two billion kilo and it landed in Itocawa. Afterwards, it flies over the track to recover somehow and to face the earth.
The main body is expected to discharge a heatproof capsule with the possibility with the soil, and to burn in the atmosphere next June.

Associate professor Yoshikawa「Such an utilizing was not originally assumed. It might surely return and be useful though worries because the wound of the airframe due to the trouble is intense to the last minute. 」It speaks.  



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