Calculation instantaneously

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Golden Week etc. when number of those who enjoy air travel increases suddenly. The airplane also is one of the safest vehicles when it sees to tell the truth statistically, and has a lot of people of still not good. University of Tokyo and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (spacecraft structure) are researching "Airplane that doesn't shake" that flies reading the movement of "Airplane that doesn't drop" of which failure Shite can also fly normally by making good use of the computer and the wind. It succeeded in such an experiment flight this year though only part.  (Nagaicotowari)

 「The crash of the airplane happens to the take off about one million times by the rate of one time. The figure is not changed for these 20 years. The failure rate of the airplane has fallen enough, and it is difficult to lower any further. 」University of Tokyo..Suzuki..Shinji..Prof...flight dynamics.

The number of crashes just increases in proportion to an increase of the number of service if the probability of the accident lowers and it stops. Is not the crash probability lowered any further?Prof. Suzuki specifies the possibility of the airplane into which "If the failure doesn't tie to a fatal accident, the probability of the crash is sure to be decreased more" and failure Shite do not fall either.

- Calculation instantaneously
The airplane has three horn rudder (rudder) of elevator of the ladder of the aileron of the main wing and the vertical tail and the horizontal tails.
Pilot moves these three horn rudders, and it turns down ..the turn and the advance...

The aerodynamic characteristic of the airframe changes if one of the rudders breaks down and Pilot faces the situation that has not been experienced.
It is difficult also in old-timer Pilot to understand the change in the characteristic at once, and to correspond to it flexibly.

In the passenger plane crash that occurred by U.S. Bafaror in February this year, it is said that it is a cause of the crash that ice sticks in the airframe and the characteristic of the rudder changed.

As for Prof. Suzuki, one rudder developed the Pilot support system to which failure Shite was able also to do the manoeuvering well by two remainder.
An excellent neurocomputer in machine learning is used. The level of the failure is judged when information on the airframe is always collected, and the malfunction is perceived, and it calculates it with the rudder of the remainder ..control very.. instantaneously.

In general, when the aileron breaks down, this support system inclines the airframe to the right though it uses the aileron when turning right by power to cut the ladder, to make the airframe slip sideways to the left, and to cause at that time.

- At the expert level
Prof. Suzuki et al. installed this support system in bimotored turboprop "Mu Palu α" of the spacecraft structure.
When the aileron was stopped with the experimental aircraft that was able to produce various failure state freely and it flew, the peer covered the function that the support system had splendidly lost.

Macrai Kazuya and the length of the flight technique research center unit of the spacecraft structure that takes charge of the test flight describe the materiality of the support system , saying that "It is not likely to be able to control well when actually flying even if the shake of the airframe is suppressed to Pilot by the training of simulation equipment".

It is Prof. Suzuki , saying that "The influence can be minimized though it is not said time without the failure and the same".
「The capability of Pilot is Hanai at the uniform rate of the case of air line though the business jet has increased. If everyone comes to be able to fly at the expert level at the failure」First of all, it aims at practical use by the business jet.

A frightening accident of omitting a part of the wing etc. are imitated at current year. The experiment uses the model machine of 1.5 meters in the total length.

- Air turbulence is an aversion.
A lot of two accidents that the passenger and the crew injure by the shake of the airframe by the current of air have already happened domestically this year, too.

Air turbulence that the cloud is not accompanied might not see with radar, and be rolled unexpectedly.
The spacecraft structure also advances the research that detects the air turbulence that originates the laser beam from the nose of the airplane, and doesn't reflect in radar.
It succeeded in the measurement of the velocity of the wind of about six kilo distance at an altitude of about 1,500 meters or less.

 「The mechanism that can fly easily to come to be able to use the airplane by the training of the training extent of the car and safely is necessary. In becoming the help」With Prof. Suzuki. I want to expect the safety of air travel to rise fast.





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