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The accelerator facility of the neutrino yield in first confirmation Tokaimura.

High Energy Accelerator Research Organization etc. were invented the particle neutrino for the first time in Engineering Test Accelerator facilities (J-PARC) at the height in the world level in Ibaraki Prefecture Tokaimura on the 23rd and announced the confirmation lingua the calositas. The generated muon was judged to be detection and the first confirmation from the test run simultaneously with the neutrino. The tune-up operation is continued, and after December, a real experiment is started.

The neutrino is an important particle for the clarification of the space creation. The observation and the research are difficult because most materials pass and it comes off.

The accelerating proton is thrown at the nucleus in J-PARC, the beam of the neutrino is caused, and it drives it to the observer superkamiokande of Gifu Prefecture Hida City away by about 300 kilo.
It catches by superkamiokande with the observation results, and the change in the character from generation to the arrival is examined.





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