organic EL: Expanding and contracting display and The University of Tokyo, etc. make it

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< organic EL: Expanding and contracting display and The University of Tokyo, etc. make it >

University of Tokyo and Dai Nippon Printing, etc. made the display that expanded and contracted rubbery by using the organic EL (electroluminescence) paid attention to as a material of the thin-screen TV of the next generation.
When it is possible to project the change in facial expression on a solid display of the face form or to make the best use of for a usage variegated as the weather information is displayed with a globular provision like the globe, it is Iu.
It is announced in "Nature Materials" electronic version of the British science magazine dated the 11th.

Organic EL is organic compound that emits light when the voltage is applied.
It is commercialized by the television because power consumption is a little, and it is thinner than the liquid crystal and the plasma.

The research team succeeds in the development of the organic EL material with high degree of shrinkage and specific conductance in an original manufacturing method with which carbon fiber and fluororubber of the extra fine that is called a single-layer carbon nanotube are mixed by the jet.
This material and the trial manufacture lingua of a monochrome display of 10 centimeters for each and 256 pixels in length and breadth.
It is Iu if the quality is not inferior even if the ratioing is repeated 1000 times. One pixel are five Miri corner, and will advance the miniaturization of the pixel and the research of the colour in the future now.

Takao Someya and the professor of University of Tokyo (electronic engineering)「The display that was the planar can be done even in the moving part on the sphere conventionally. The variety of uses extends as the medical diagnosis data is displayed with the provision of the human body type. 」It describes.  【 Daisuke Yamada ]





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