Pumping Iron

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Pumping Iron "Superman" seems to splash and to be returned to this. When the material of extraordinary strength appears when the fixed star of the large mass causes the supernova explosion on longevity, and the shrinkage lingua core (core) remains by the gravitational collapse, it is Iu according to the latest research. A remaining core becomes a heavenly body that is called "Neutron star". It turned out that the outer shell of the neutron star had strength of the the greatest in the material to which existence was affirmed in space by the latest computer model.

To judge the ultimate strength of the outer shell of the neutron star (fracture point), the research team assumed a small region on the surface, and constructed the model concerning the outer shell distortion because of the magnetic field stress (power to cause in the magnetic field) and it.
It has been understood that the consequence of the verification and strength of the outer shell are 10 billion the greatest times the rupture strength of steel (severed pressure).
Charles Horovitts of Indiana University that exists in the United States in the member of the team speaks, "Exactly overwhelming numerical value though expected to some degree".

The neutron star is a dense heavenly body on the second eyes in space after the black hole. The material of the neutron star
It becomes the weight of about 100 million tons by the amount of about one tea spoon in the on earth. A usual star is super-height of the difference in the outer shell of the solid.

When it is likely to break by the stress by the strong magnetic field in whom the neutron star is own, it is still Iu though the outer shell is It's hard to believe strong. The research team thinks whether to cause the phenomenon that is called, the break of such an outer shell is "Mug material flare". The star in the neutron star mug material (magnetar) where the magnetic field is especially strong, and the gamma-ray burst of huge energy (mug material flare) might be generated.

Moreover, there were fresh discoveries in this computer model about the upsurge part like "Mountain" that lined up irregularly on the surface of the neutron star. The variation on such a surface is thought to be a cause of the gravity wave generation.

The gravity wave is made to the space-time structure internal undulation that spreads from the rotation heavenly body of the large mass by speed of light, and thought not to cause it completely in the symmetric ball movement. When having calculated it with the late model, it was understood that the mountain made the surface of the neutron star was the one like "Horripilation" of the star rather than a huge top. Horovitts speaks, "There is only about one-centimeter height though such a mountain might reach the width number kilo meter".

The latest of this time research is published in the "Physical Review Letters" magazine of the issue this week.



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