using the magnesium

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The perpetuation type energy society where oil, coal, and the natural gas are unnecessary is achieved by using the magnesium almost contained in no Mama in sunshine and the sea. Institute of Technology..professor..venture company..furthermore..oil money..all over the world..inquire..visit..pour.
,, and.  advance as the demonstration is also favorable

【It is clean and no Mama ]
If water is sprinkled on the magnesium of the high temperature, hydrogen is generated.
In addition, this hydrogen burns explosively and it becomes water again when making it to the high temperature.
It becomes the fuel of the fuel cell, and if hydrogen is used, it is possible to operate an electric generator, and if the bristance is used, to use it for the engine of the car.
Neither carbon dioxide nor the nitrogen oxide are put out, and in this system, it is clean, and sunshine, water, and the magnesium no Mama.
The Yabe professor「There is a magnesium of 1.8 quadrillion tons in seawater. It becomes 30 Mannen amount if it converts it into oil. 」It says.  
>> It continues to two.

【 dream recycling system ]
The magnesium and the energy-oriented society that the Yabe professor advocates are such images.
Desalination and magnesium refinement plant constructed in shore. A large-scale plastic lens queues up in the roof toward the sun, and a high temperature necessary for the refinement is produced.
The magnesium metal is taken out of a large amount of "Bittern" contained in seawater while agricultural water is produced with seawater here.

Produced magnesiums are carried to the power station, the home, and the convenience store, etc. in various places by track and ship.
In the power station, the magnesium is burnt instead of coal. The magnesium carried to the home becomes a domestic power supply as a fuel of the fuel cell. The exhaust heat of the fuel cell is used for the bath and heating.
It is an encompassed magnesium in the vacuum pack that is sold in the convenience store.
This is a fuel cell car, a personal computer, and a magnesium for the battery supplement such as cellular phones.

The magnesium is not disposable. The magnesium oxide after it uses it is converted into the magnesium metal again by the same "Sunshine pump laser" to be collected to Recycle Center by the recovery vehicle, and exist in the refinement plant.

【 sunshine laser ]
The refinement of the magnesium does the alloy of iron and silicon and the large quantity of energy is done to infusion Shite by the catalyser now.
The coal ten tons are used to manufacture the magnesium one ton. Neither the magnesium nor the energy-oriented society are approved mass consumption so Shite energy.
The Yabe professor's proposing it converts sunshine collected with a large-scale lens into the infrared laser with the yttrium, aluminum, and the ceramic of nedymium and the chromium, and, in addition, achieves the high temperature of about 20,000 degrees in concentration Shite with the lens. Let's refine the magnesium with this high temperature.

Therefore, the Yabe professor built the laboratory of the sunshine pump laser in Hokkaido Chitoseshi two years ago.
A ceramic laser element was put on the concentration and the focus with the transparent plastic lens with all sides of two meters. To actually refine the magnesium, large-scale facilities are scheduled to be constructed Okinawa Prefecture and Miyakojima of this year the Yabe professor who ..yield here.. gained self-confidence.

【 safe fuel cell ]
The development of the fuel cell car that uses hydrogen all over the world is advanced now.
There is a large problem to be light, to leak easily, to explode, and very to carry the Yasui hydrogen besides the problem of the cost. Even if it stuffs the high pressure cylinder of 700 atmospheric pressures, the gas cylinder is too heavy.
On the other hand, it doesn't ignite in 650 degrees or less, and long preservation is also easy in case of the magnesium.
「You may think the magnesium to be the same solid fuel as coal. The magnesium fuel cell has the power output for each weight about 7.5 times a lithium-ion battery today. It runs about 1,800 kilo by one charge if the magnesium of the vacuum pack is bought in the convenience store, and it inserts it in the battery. 」The Yabe professor is Iu.  solve

【Prove by the experiment ]
If the magnesium and the energy-oriented society achieve, the thermal power plant, N-plant nuclear power plant, and the nuclear fusion reactor are unnecessary. The service station and the tanker carrying oil are unnecessary.
When you ask the Yabe professor the feasibility「This 100 percent is achieved. Everything is not anything there is proof of the experiment, and failing. 」The language of be full of confidence returned.





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