space satellite

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Launched space satellite "1 titles being not going.. ..the retreat.." opened it to the public in January this year, and it succeeded in taking a picture of the done satellite, and the Higashiosaka space development cooperative association (Osaka Prefecture Higashiosakashi) opened the 15th to the public to the reservoir of the earth in the camera installed in the satellite.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and the electronic equipment manufacturer "Shikinohaitecc. " and (Mt. Tomisan Prefecture Uozushi) took the photograph with the joint development lingua camera on the 11th this month.
The arm that was called a boom that installed the camera reflected, and only the half of the schedule opened, and only about 2/3 of the satellites reflected according to this union though the perspective of this satellite was scheduled to reflect at first. It is influence Hanai and it is Iu in the observation airplane ability.

The plate where the logo of the enterprise, the group, Osaka University, and University of Osaka Prefecture that is involved in the satellite development was written is reflected in the image.

The satellite launched with H2 A rocket on January 23 does the track of about 670 advanced kilo, and the earth is done about 15 times in a day, and the capture of the basic data for the practical use of the thunder forecast system in the future is done.





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