"Experience" society investigation of multidrug resistance Pseudomonas aeruginosa and nosocomial infection 30 percent

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"Experience" society investigation of multidrug resistance Pseudomonas aeruginosa and nosocomial infection 30 percent

It has been understood the antibiotic doesn't work easily, and an infected "Nosocomial infection" with multidrug resistance Pseudomonas aeruginosa (MDRP) that causes various complications of the inpatient is generated by about 30 percent of the medical institution in the whole country from examining the Japan Society of Chemotherapy. This academic society requests the thoroughness in disinfection and is appealing, "Approval of the early stage of a new antibiotic is necessary".

The questionnaire survey lingua in 2009 year-end for 723 nationwide hospitals where this academic society member's doctor works.
As a result, 30.3% of the whole experienced the nosocomial infection of MDRP.
When the medical institution that answered, "Morbus had not been caused though the bacterium was detected" also included it, it reached 66.4% of the whole.
Nosocomial infection..extremely..a lot of..meconium..road..infectious disease..pulmonitis..whole body..infection..extend..septicemia..continue.
Most antibiotics from which MDRP has been approved domestically now do not work.
The bacterium in inpatient's inside of the body etc. doesn't die putting the resistance power while repeatedly using an existing antibiotic, and the infection has extended as a consequence in congressional.

Prof. Yoshihito of Niki of implementation lingua Showa University (medical practice infectious disease study) : the investigation. 「The accrual of the resistant bacteria in the hospital is not avoided to some degree. The approval etc. of the new medicine with the effect are needed in measures against nosocomial infection and the resistant bacteria. 」It speaks. 
The state of the approval waiting in Japan though the new medicine of the approved exists in America and Europe.


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