Highlights: Chemistry: New method of amide synthesis

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Highlights: Chemistry: New method of amide synthesis

The amide bonding is, and, here and there, exists as a main chain of native peptide and the protein also in the small molecule for a lot of treatments.
The dewatering method is chiefly used, and the carbon keeps the electrophile in the plastic of carbon-nitrogenous bond and nitrogen keeps the nucleophilic property to a conventional synthesis method of the amide bonding in the laboratory.

Shen reverse the polarity of the reactant through the activation of the amine and the nitroalkane with the iodonium (It is known as a polarity conversion), and are reporting on a new method of the amide synthesis this time.
In this method, obtaining Noshi of a facility and a variety of departure compounds and it is in doing etc. because there are some benefits superior to a present method the possibility of developing as a highly effective and enantioselection synthetic tools of peptide and the amide content small molecule.

Umpolung reactivity in amide and peptide synthesis
Nature 465, 1027-1032 (24 June 2010) | doi:10.1038/nature09125

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