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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency announced that they sent the positioning signal from semi-zenith satellite "MICHIBIKI" that corroborated Global Positioning System (GPS) used for the car navigation system etc. on the 15th and aimed at the accuracy improvement, and started the demonstration test for high accurateness and use.
It uses it to research automated system operation of agricultural tractor etc. using the position information of high accuracy.

If the accuracy of the signal can be improved up to one meter in the error margin spending 3-6 months, and the accuracy of the target be put out, the transmission is scheduled to be started for the general user according to the spacecraft structure.
When the development of the provision by which seven enterprise companies of the inside and outside the country receive the signal of the satellite is planned, and cooperation is requested to the spacecraft structure, it is Iu now.

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The government started the discussion that encrypted a part of the radio signal of the positioning about semi-zenith satellite "MICHIBIKI" that aimed at the accuracy improvement of the positioning on the 12th.
It clarified it by the state affairs officer class meeting of eight prefecture ministries that talked about the development plan.
It is discussed to provide the commercial utilization with the encrypted hertzian wave in charge besides making it to the government agency exclusive uses such as the Self Defense Forces and the police, and will bring a concrete idea together by March, '11.

The first machine was launched in September so that the MICHIBIKI might supplement global positioning system (GPS) of the rice used for the car navigation system etc.
However, the general plan including the development since the second is undecided.

In the encryption, it is a purpose to prevent the obstruction such as "Disguise" that mix wrong information.
The positioning satellite in Europe refers to the charging of the code hertzian wave besides there is a military hertzian wave of the high accuracy that the civilian cannot use even for GPS and it refers to these by the under discussion.

The possibility that the high accuracy of the article for sale is limited to a part of use has come out though the MICHIBIKI was planned by the assumption that everyone can use free of charge.

Moreover, review, "Four or more is necessary for 24 hour management", and the clarification of the policy conventionally at the time of came as "Minimum three is necessary for the MICHIBIKI" in the meeting on the same day.
Six MICHIBIKIs and three synchronous satellites ..combination.. were assumed to discuss the construction of "Japanese version GPS" by the the greatest.
It increases the number, the reception region is expanded, and there is an idea used for Official Development Assistance (ODA) to Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean nations, too.

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To construct Japanese version GPS (global positioning system) on the fourth, the government decided the policy of intensively launching the homotype machine of semi-zenith satellite "MICHIBIKI" and the synchronous satellite by 6-7 planes in about two years from 2014.

The system that the positioning can be done by accuracy that is ten times higher than present GPS is straightened for the whole area of the Asia Pacific Ocean.
The private capital is scheduled to be used for the charge of 200 billion yen in total dimension that hangs to the launch etc.

The space development strategy headquarters of the government (general manager and sedge Prime Minister) is hardening the original bill, and the plan is decided on in around August.
The inside and the government of financial difficulty plan to fil the amendment bill of the PFI law that uses the private capital and know-how to the next regular session of the Diet, and to add the satellite manufacturing to the object business of PFI.

Japanese original GPS is constructed because even sending the hertzian wave for the private organization is obstructed to the third country, and the civil life and the economic activity might be influenced in the emergency etc. for the military use from an original purpose of GPS of the United States.

Japan launched the first machine "MICHIBIKI" of the semi-zenith satellite originally developed in September, '10.
The homotype machine also makes to three inclusion or more, and one plane will always be located in the sky over Japan.
If you combine with GPS that the United States operates
The accuracy such as the car navigations rises by ten times now, and the error margin becomes small up to one meter.

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