To verification mouse's sperm building in mammal's pregnancy and space

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To verification mouse's sperm building in mammal's pregnancy and space

The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research accrual and the regeneration science integrated study center of the experiment that carries mouse's sperm to space to search for the pregnancy in mammal's space and the possibility of birth, is fertilized after the earth returns, and examines the influence of the radiation and gravity The research team such as (Kobeshi Chuoku) is planning. It becomes the first case where the mammal is born from the germ cell put on space in the world if aiming at the achievement in about fiscal year 2012, and succeeding.
(Kanai Tsuneyuki)

The experiment that examines the influence that the space environment gives to mammal's breeding and accrual is a little.
The former Soviet Union was not able to launch Rattus norvegicus var. albinus's victory or defeat with the rocket in 1979, to give birth to several, and to give birth to the pregnancy lingua.

Team leader Teruhiko Wakayama (43) at the same center et al. artificially made the space with little gravity last August, worked on the experiment that outside of the body fertilized the mouse in that, were inferior the growth of "Early embryo" in which the oosperm had started fission compared with usually, and announced the consequence that the birth rate decreases to the half.

To try in actual in addition space, the experiment that carries the sperm to coming" ..Japanese building ".. is planned about the International Space Station. It is discussed to preserve for a long term separately for what covered with the material that doesn't pass the radiation easily and the one not so on the freeze-dried (vacuum freeze dry) processing lingua, and to compare the sperms.

It was elected to the experiment candidate (19 themes in total) whom Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency transported by uninhabited fueling plane "HTV" of Japan and Soyuz spaceship of Russia in March this year.
The person in charge「The idea is novel, and a lot of equipment is not needed. The feasibility is very high. 」It makes it. 

Leader Wakayama speaks, "If the experiment on the sperm succeeds, I want to achieve it the breeding of the mouse where it lives in space".

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