It succeeds in the lithium endofullerene analysis and the quantity synthesis of a high conduction.

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It succeeds in the lithium endofullerene analysis and the quantity synthesis of a high conduction.

Research groups such as the ideal star of the research and development venture (Sendaishi) and Touhoku University succeeded in the quantity synthesis etc. of "Lithium endofullerene" that put one lithium atom on the molecular inside that was called "Fullerene" made of 60 carbon atoms.
The verification lingua with the electrical characteristic the structure is also analyzed. In the both first yield in the world, the application in the industrial field like the organic electronics etc. is expected. Study results were announced the British science dated the 20th magazine nature chemically (electronic version).

The research group puts the lithium in the state of the plus ion in the fullerene by using the plasma space where the atom divides into the plus ion and the electron and is a synthesis lingua. The energy of the lithium ion was controlled, and the quantity synthesis was achieved.

The lithium endofullerene was bonded with the chloride and the structure was analyzed with the X-ray of high intensity on the crystallization lingua. As a result, some lithiums turn out from the fullerene core on the outside. In addition, the movement of the electron is affirmed by the action of the chloride, and it has been understood that it has the electrical characteristic of pathognomonic.

The amount of a possible synthesis went up to 100 conventional tens of milligrams an hour, Manbai, and reached at the level that was able to be actually used as an industrial material by the developed method.

The ideal star established the technology to the quantity synthesis based on study results of Touhoku University. Real professor Hiroshi Tobita (mineralization study) in the Touhoku University graduate school science research course et al. took charge of the separation and refinement and crystallization, and the swamp Expo professors of the Nagoya University graduate school engineering study department (structure) analyzed the clarification of the structure in the photon factory.

The lithium endofullerene is expected that there will be a high electroconductive and characteristic of the speed in the rate of reaction etc. to light, and when the application of the n type semiconductor that becomes the material of the organic solar cell, the ultra high density memory, the organic transistor, and the nanosize to the switch etc. can be expected, is Iu.

The ideal star has the developments such as stringy solar cells and sensors done in earnest besides the lithium endofullerene will be provided for a domestic and foreign institution in the future. President Yasuhiko of Kasama speaks, "Cooperation has already been percussed from foreign countries, and it is accelerated make to the business".

Mr. Shigekazu of Takashima of Mitsubishi Corp. global environment business development division Nanotectemuredar that advances making of the fullerene an industry「It is epoch-making that the venture business completed the raw material of a super-leading edge with a difficult development by the industry-university-government cooperation as for the large company. It is expected for the research to extend to the world, and to develop into the materials revolution. 」It specifies it.

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