National environment laboratory of chemical pollution that examines it with register mark and collection calling

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National environment laboratory of chemical pollution that examines it with register mark and collection calling

The register mark is captured in nationwide various places, and the extension of contamination with the chemical substance is examined.
National Institute for Environmental Studies is planning "Register mark investigation". It is Iu to ask the civilian for cooperation in the collection through the homepage etc. besides the environmental study institution in 28 places participates from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and to analyze a lot of register marks.

It is Yasuyuki Shibata it, chemical environment research area length of National Institute for Environmental Studies, and team of Yoshikane Hicariyou Posdocferor that plans. The examined chemical substance is organic fluorine compound "PFOS" not decomposed easily.

As for PFOS, clothes etc. have been used for the raw material of the fire extinguishant of the surface finishing that sheds water and the foam. However, it has been decided to make it to control subjects in the Conference of the Parties of the Stockholm treaty concerning Persistent Organic Pollutants that are specified the hazardousness such as causing the liver injury in recent years by the animal study, and were opened in May, 2009.

The research team is accumulated this material by the Tenodera angustipennis, the register mark, and the spider and pays attention to Yasui. It has been understood to be able to grip an average pollution status about the range with all sides of the number of one-kilo if the discussed consequence and the maturing register mark are chosen and analyzed.

As for the analysis object, it is scheduled to narrow it to five-kind level such as Orthetrum albistylum speciosum and Sympetrum infuscatum. It is necessary to collect several a point-10. Shibata area length「It investigates in October in August. I want to ascertain the country though it doesn't know what place is especially contaminated. 」It speaks. 

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