It connected between the Ogasawaramura clinic and Tokyo metropolitan Hiro-o Hospital by satellite "KIZUNA" as a demonstration of the telemedicine in the region without the high-speed communication circuit, the communication experiment was done, and the result was announced.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (hereafter, JAXA) and Tokyo Ogasawaramura (hereafter, Ogasawaramura) announced the consequence of the demonstration of the telemedicine that connected the Ogasawaramura clinic and Tokyo metropolitan Hiro-o Hospital (hereafter, Hiro-o Hospital) by using Internet satellite "KIZUNA" on December 1 and had done on November 30.

When the effectiveness of the satellite communication was able to be demonstrated by the telemedicine intended for "Digital divide (digital divide)" region without the high-speed communication circuit by this experiment, it is Iu according to JAXA.

Various data of 24Mbps and 3 channels was able to be transmitted by using the satellite communication of KIZUNA though the existing circuit between the Ogasawaramura clinic and Hiro-o Hospital was 64kbps. About 3Mbps and hi-vision TV conference are about 9Mbps.  about 12Mbps, the endoscope image, and echo the hi-vision image in the radiograph etc. the break-down

This experiment was executed with a mock patient and a simulator concerning the following experimental selections.

It confers the case for the emergency in the early plural multiple injury patient accruals.
Double check of diagnostic support blood typing by upper gastrointestinal tract endoscope moving image transmission
Technical assistance of treatment(burr hole opening haematoma drainage and pleural cavity drain insertion)

It is assumed, "It is possible to do safely before treatment with high urgency is transported by doing stable high-speed communication, and lead to the amelioration of the condition of the patient" in JAXA.
It is enabled the demonstration of "There are effects also in can ..treatment.. conclusion in situ, and decreasing the flying boat transportation" and others and "It is useful also for the improvement of the accuracy of the diagnosis and treatment by looking over plural doctors".
The JAXA press release: The performance result of the telemedicine demonstration in the digital divide region by ultrahigh-speed Internet satellite "KIZUNA" (WINDS) is one in December, 2010 Http://

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