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Prof. Hiroshi Kitagawa of Kyoto University et al. succeeded in the production of the new alloy where the rare metal had the character which palladium was just like by making good use of a super-minute (Nano) technology.
It succeeds in the synthesis of the substitute of plural rare metals with rhodium and silver as the material in the both next-doors in the first method in the world that produces the palladium of "It adds and divide by two" and intermedius so to speak in the periodic table of the element, and it seems to be paid attention as "Modern alchemy" that saves Japan of resource scarcity.

Rhodium and silver sever unctuously even if it usually melts it by the high temperature as water.
The Kitagawa professor pays attention to the technology that makes a super-minute particle of the metal.
The new alloy particle of ten nanometers (1/100,000 Miri) in the diameter with which Riyoukin uniformly mixed by the atomic level was produced with making solution that melted rhodium and the silver of the like quantity febris lingua alcohol little by little like the fog and addition.
The new alloy provided with the character to save a large amount of functions and the hydrogens of the catalyser that purified the automotive emission of palladium.

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