The Akita University environmental resource Gakken Co., Ltd. Kiwami center (Akitashi)

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The Akita University environmental resource Gakken Co., Ltd. Kiwami center (Akitashi) announced that they succeeded in making the grade 99% or more of metallic silicon = ? = in a used diatom (Kei aspect) soil Tomomi shell on the 18th.
The chemical reaction can be early because a lot of carbons are contained, and a used diatomaceous earth and the rice hull be made by the low energy.
As for the center, it aims at use to the solar cell material, and the cost etc. will search for the possibility of the verification and making to the business by the coming year.
A joint research named central silica (Kitaakita City).
The carbonizing rice hull was mixed, it was made to react in arc furnace, and the metallic silicon was made with the diatomaceous earth used to filter a beer and green tea, etc.
The time that hung to the reaction is a lingua of the cutback in 1/3 compared with a manufacturing method conventionally at the time of used an original soil of the graphite and the diatomaceous earth.
The diatomaceous earth shipment of the whole country is about 80,000 tons a year according to the center, and about 10,000 tons are mined Akita inside a prefecture among these.
The cost that reclaims conventionally and is disposed of for recycling to become possible is reduced, and the maintenance of the diatomaceous earth mining business can be expected.
The center thinks that the rice hull exhausted by the bioethanol examination business of the prefecture is used.
Lecturer Hideki Murakami of Akita University engineering resources Gakken Co., Ltd. Kiwameca「Most of the metallic silicon imports it from China now. It is also possible to accumulate from mining to the commodity production in Akita Prefecture if it is possible to make it to the business. 」It speaks. 

< metallic silicon > set of silicon atom. It is used for the material and the semiconductor part of the solar cell.
It is expected as a raw material of the polymetric material that takes the place of oil.
Because a huge electric power is needed for making, it is not produced domestically.

- Metallic silicon made with photograph used diatomaceous earth Tomomi shell

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